The Gypsy Crew

Gypsy’s permanent crew are members of the Penchev family. They are tasked with maintenance and upkeep of the boat as well as ensuring she takes part in classical yacht regattas and events.

Members of the public are welcome to join the team and can visit Gypsy at the Heritage landing in Auckland. There are regular open days announced on the Classical Yacht Association website at

Below is a list of past Gypsy Crew Club members who generously donated time and money for Gypsy’s maintenance. We are deeply grateful for their contributions.

Founder Members are:

Rosey Williamson

Yvonne Kaeppeli

Maryanne Kappelli

Baden Pasco

Many thanks to the following people who have given freely of

their time, energy and services in support of the Gypsy cause:

Alex Atkinson

Auckland Traditional Boat Building School

Mike Austin

Robert Brooke

Don Brooke

Colin Brown

Ron Brown

Neil Chalmers

Classic Yacht Association of N.Z.

Ian & Linda Clouston (frig)

Coast Guard Auckland

Steve Cranche

Peter Dawson

Paul Deacon Marine Artist

Doug & Marlene Easton (kauri & fittings)

Martin Farrand

Matthew Flynn

Janet Garrett (Foam for squabs)

Roger Grant

Andrew Hamilton

Dave Harris

Josh Hawke

Jill Hetherington

Jane High

Ian Hyde-Hills (Hardwood)

Malo Hosken (painting)

Steve Horsley

Al Houghton

Keith Ingram

Matthieu Lennan

Robert Leyden

Michael Marris

James Mobberly

Bob Nelson (interior lights)

North Sails

Brian Owen (Baby Blake)

Lin & Larry Pardey (teak & publicity)

Jason Prew

Thomas Pryor

Doug Reid

Alexis Reeves

Hamish Ross

Graham Russell

Sandspit Yacht Club

Mark Shepland

Brent Shipman

Wayne Spicer Model Maker

Tony Stevenson

John Street

Paul Tinghy

Chad Thompson

Warren Tyer


Viaduct Harbour

David Waddingham

Frank Warnock (Making Squabs)

Ross West (kauri & toilet restoration)

Lindsay Whittle

Ivor Wilkins

Gabrielle Wilson

Viv Wyatt

We are very appreciative of the donations generously given by the following people:

12/03/2012              Bob Brown                               $ 20

19/03/2012              M H & S E Thow                      $ 20

11/05/2012              Lyndsay Whittle                       $100

23/05/2012             Al Houghton                              $ 25

25/05/2012             Michael Strong                          $100

30/05/2012             Kurt Settle                                 $100

30/05/2012             Anonymous                               $ 10

30/05/2012             Anonymous                               $ 10

05/06/2012             M E Bundle                                $100

07/07/2012             Warren Tyer                              $500

07/07/2012             Anonymous                               $600

14/07/2012             John Duder                                $ 20

17/07/2012             Peter Nilsson                             $400

23/07/2012             Anonymous                               $200

23/07/2012             Anonymous                               $250

07/08/2012             Anonymous                               $ 50

08/08/2012             Helen Lee                                  $100

13/08/2012             Anonymous                                $ 20

16/08/2012             Warren Tuohey                          $200

21/08/2012             John Duder                                $500

28/08/2012             Mahurangi Cruising Club $1000

08/09/2012             Ray Weaver                              $ 400

08/09/2012             Ponsonby Cruising Club         $ 130

20/09/2012             James Stonyer                          $ 100

08/10/2012              Andrew Mason                         $ 100

01/11/2012             Ponsonby Cruising Club           $ 100

21/12/2012             Club Marine                               $20,000