Classic Yacht Regatta

Photo: Hummingbird Photogtaphy

Spring Splash

After a trying COVID-19 year everybody was keen to get back on the water. And there is no better event than the annual opening of the sailing season organized by the Mahurangi Cruising Club

Zeno at the helm
Harry visits Gypsy
John Prior gave invaluable advice
Sunset at Kawau

Gypsy Improvements 2020

New bigger brass strips for the mooring lines
Brass strips for the entry hatch
The backstay fitting got re-installed after some reenfocement of the wood
The fresh varnish on the boomkin looks good

The mast needed repairs and improvements such as a second back stay, an internal cable for the antenna, a major rot removal and fresh varnish

The segment of wood that was cut out from the mast was nearly 200mm long
40mm was the depth of timber to be cut out until all rot was clearly removed. We kept a 1:8 ratio when considering the length of the scarfing.
8 pencil marks at 40mm intervals clearly demonstrate the length of the scarfing. 8 pairs of control holes at incremental depths will guide the depth of chiseling at the next stage.
A sharp chisel and a hammer got the job done in a couple of hours
The trio is clamped together and glued with epoxy
Three spar grade oregon inserts were hand sawn to the proper angle.
It was extremely rewarding to see the new piece assuming the shape of the mast
Timber sealer
Varnish galore
The part where the main halyard sheave fits in the mast got some extra love and fibreglass on the inside.

The antenna cable now runs inside the mast.
Where was that repair again?
The new varnish looks nice!

The head sails sheets needed new blocks. To keep the spirit of classic yacht sailing, the new blocks were hand made by the captain!

It is difficult to drop the anchor while trying to protect the newly varnished toe rail. For this reason an anchor spare mate is needed.

Testing the shape on Gypsy’s bow. This part of the deck is very busy with the bowsprit fittings, bollard, toe rails and future wiskers to hold the bowsprit laterally.
Laminated purple heart shaft
Silicone bronze fitting.
The pattern was produced by us and the casting was expertly carried out by Mike Rees. Thank you Mike!
The spare man is ready, and the deck fittings for it will come next year.