Auckland to Mahurangi Passage – 1st on line, 1st on handicap

Zeno – the main trimmer getting some expert advice from Boris
Mitko flying downwind – no competition in sight

Mahurangi Regatta – 2nd on line, 1st on handicap

Light winds and heavy tactics for the main event
Another trophy to defend next year!

Classic Yacht Regatta – Division 3 – 1st on handicap

Boris never comes to a race without his fishing gear
Keeping the sails full takes dedication
and hard work..
Jacques’ boat building advice is invaluable and very welcome
Gypsy won an outboard engine! Thank you sponsors!

Winter Series – 3rd on handicap

The ladies are in charge now!
Simon from Francis couldn’t resist the temptation and joined the Gypsies
Frank from Thelma joined the family too
Another Thelma crew member, Andrea was seconded
Now we can’t do without her!

Gypsy Upgrades

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